Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Home Studio

 After a crazy couple months of bridesmaids' orders and creating a new bridal collection, I had completely buried my workroom.  But look, I found it!   and realized that I've never really shown it off, as decorating at our house is always an ongoing process. 
 The ridiculous amounts of Ikea's 'Kassett' series boxes are a recent solution to my unmanageable amounts of fabrics in quantities too small to put on the lovely bolts hubs made.  For some, I cut out and placed a vinyl window.  So much easier and more functional now!
 One work still in progress is our compromise light fixture.  Naturally, I wanted a pretty chandelier, but hubs put his foot down and insisted the ceiling fan stay.  Therein, he volunteered himself to create a hybrid freak chandelier ceiling fan.  He's working on painting some crystals white, and the brass will be white eventually, also. 
The fan favorite quirky piece in my room is definitely the bizarre pineapple lamp.  It was a salvage from hub's grandparents' auction last summer.  Bizarre mid-century quirk that just happened to coordinate with the studio room. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Crazy July 2011: A New Beginning

With the close of one of the most interesting months of my life, let me summarize with a Top 10 List.

Top 10 Reasons Why July's Events Rock My World:

1 - Commuting across the hall in my pajamas to work.
2 - Weekends with my husband for the first time ever! (We are going to go to so many festivals.)
3 - Actually getting to work my own booth at the Bridal Extravaganza. lol.

4 - The kick I needed to make my dream a reality.
5 - A particular competitor to drive me to dominate.
6 - Expanding my offerings. Flowergirls!

7 - and sparkle! Pageant!
8 - Jet Set Swim runway and shoots. This collection will finally be in stores for next summer!

9 - An opportunity to actually do housewife things I've always skipped out on.
10 - An unexpected launch into my dream job!

Let's see what August brings!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Damsel: Season 1.5

After much review, some of the previous Damsel Maids styles will be cancelled before production and replaced with a few of these new styles. I'd love to hear your reaction to these new possibilities!

1. Lace bateau and drape over chiffon tea A-line
2. ?
3. Raw chiffon strips cover bodice and waistband, lame or sequin pencil skirt
4. X

5. Halter with back ribbon tie, pleated chiffon overlay
6. Organza ruched dress with lace empire bodice
7. Two-tone satin dress with short sleeve
8. Draped chiffon with ribbon accent strap, waist

9. Dupioni pencil skirt with origami bow, front inseam pockets

a. Tulle trim, grosgrain ribbon, flower
b. Raw taffeta/grosgrain bow with pearl trim on satin sash with black trim
c. Flower, feathers on velvet sash
d. Zipper trim on satin sash
e. Zipper trim flower on velvet or leather belt

10. Velvet dress with pockets (to be worn with belt)
11. Satin one-sleeve dress with accent-colored neckline
12. Satin dress with center front ruffle, sheer lace or chiffon bodice and ruched sleeve
13. Draped chiffon 1-shoulder dress with sleeve drape. Accent strap
14. Organza shift with lame or sequin accent bodice and hem

Thursday, August 26, 2010

FreshSketch Week 1: Annie's Moscow-Daffy-1776

So I ended up focusing more on the military aspect of the 1776 and Moscow references. I feel like there should be fur somewhere, and maybe feathers for Daffy, but just couldn't make all that concept fit in one dress. I'd wondered before if military could work for evening...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stump The Designer/Keepin' it Fresh

Nancy Strickler, you were right.

After pondering what I could do to:
1- Liven up this blog
2 - Keep fresh ideas rolling
3 - Put great inspiration to good use
4 - Grow a design catalog from which clients may select,

I decided that good, old-fashioned regular sketching is a must! It is with excitement that I plan to bring you up to 3 looks here each week.

On my mind lately:
Summertime lake excursions
the supernatural (Admittedly, these sketches will be likely be done Monday mornings when I catch up on my vamp dramas. lol)
always Alice's adventures

if you want to play 'Stump the Designer', bring it! Give me:
Who I'm Designing For
Where She's Going
An Inspiration/Muse/Character/Artist/Thing
and a Year/Era

I made my sister play without knowing what I was asking, so for week 1, I'm stuck with:
Daffy Duck goes to Moscow circa 1776.

Did I mention I reserve the right to translate inspiration as needed?
So, I'll start with Imperial Russia's Coat of Arms and add in a dose of whimsy and...rage? Haha. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Damsel PREVIEW!!

Hmm, gauging things by my blog activity, you might think it's been quiet in the Natalie Harris design studio. Well, you might have another think coming! In addition to the wonderful couture brides whom I love, we're expanding to offer custom bridal party design and launching two fashion collections. Ready to eat this up?

Ladies and Gentlemen, 2010 is the year that we take this dream to the next level. On February 25th, we will debut the Damsel Maids collection alongside a number of couture Bridal designs and the Jet Set Swim collection at an amazing independent design runway event in Dallas, The Pin Show. Retailers, if you're not already planning on attending, you're missing out! Not to worry, though, Houstonian fans - I'll be sure to share runway video as soon as I get my hands on it!

I'll be titling the Damsel Collection styles somewhat untraditionally: by nouns (rather than women's names or just number). I think it adds some funk. ;)
Without further adieu, just 3 from Damsel 2010 (bear with me - everything looks better on a model and in a real shoot):

Three-tone, one-shoulder cocktail with sculpted rose detail, handstitched waistband, bias seaming.

Strapless satin/tulle/lace cocktail with peplum @ natural waist.
(Thinking I could love this one even more in a vivid shade like hot pink with black lace!)

A boatneck, pencil-fit, T-back satin cocktail number.
(I'd designed a tulle hooded jacket to go with, but reworking that/considering swapping out for a print belt instead.)

Stay tuned for a preview of new styles from Jet Set Swim: Piccadilly (now in Gold/Black), Havana, Hyannisport, Chisinau, and more!

Dang it feels GOOD to see these collections coming together! I mean rolling-with-the-windows-down-your-jam-playing-volume-just-beyond-appropriate-fist-pumping kind of adrenaline GOOD. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I'm so proud - and I must admit - there's something exciting about wanting to wear them myself!
(Speaking of - just for fun - I decided to start on a design I'm pondering for the Damsel Bridal collection down the line. A cocktail reception dress...which I'll wear myself for my walk! It'll be solid ivory of various shades. With the jacket for my walk, but without for pre-show cocktail hour.)

More news soon!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August Magazine Feature

Just updated my Press page with the spread from HY.

It was a learning experience. hahahahahaha. Ah gees.